Exact Tile, Inc. (“Exact Tile”) warrants to customer that it will remedy the following issues if found to be caused by improper installation by Exact Tile: (1) replace any loose tiles or grout; (2) replace cracked tiles or grout; and (3) cover and conceal any discoloring of grout. This warranty shall be limited to a period of five (5) years following Exact Tile’s substantial completion of the work and subject to the following “EXCLUSIONS” below. Exact Tile further agrees to provide industry and manufacturer standard maintenance for grout installed by Exact Tile upon request of customer within one (1) of the date of substantial completion of the work by Exact Tile.

Exact Tile further provides a lifetime warranty to repair leaks in a tiled shower built by Exact Tile, when such leaks are caused by improper installation by Exact Tile. However, this lifetime warranty is not transferable upon sale or other transfer of the home to someone other than the customer.

With respect to tile and stone, variations in color, shade, flow, grain, tonality, crazing veining, and texture are inherent characteristics thereof and are not defects. Variations in facial dimensions and thickness are acceptable by owner as per industry and manufacturer standards.


This Warranty shall not extend to or include or be applicable to:

  • Shade or color differences in the event replacement tiles or grout are requested.
  • Any damage to tile, stone, or grout to the extent it is caused or made worse by:
    • Negligence or improper installation by anyone other than Exact Tile;
    • Failure by customer or by anyone other than Exact Tile to comply with the warranty requirements of manufacturer of item;
    • Normal wear and tear or normal deterioration; or
    • Loss or damage caused by, or resulting from, accidents, fire, explosion, smoke, water escape, falling objects, Acts of God, lightning, windstorm, hail, flood, mudslide, earthquake, and wind-driven water.
Request for Warranty Service.

Customer with a warranty request should send a clear and specific written request to Exact Tile. Customer must also contact Exact Tile to schedule the routine sealing and inspection. Customer will be required to purchase material for all warranty work. Exact Tile will provide all labor for approved warranty work.

Right of Access

Customer must provide Exact Tile with reasonable access to perform repairs under this warranty.

Product Warranty

For further information relating to the warranty of Schluter products, please visit the following website. https://www.schluter.com/schluter-us/en_US/warranty